Triad Drones Training Courses

Unmanned Aircraft and Hydrographic Platform Training

  • Gain practical knowledge of hydrographic/aerial surveying
  • Carry out various hydrographic/aerial surveying tasks in the field
  • Setup and collect data as well as process data in the field and export the data for practical use

Course will be taught by Michael Higgs, Higgs Hydrographic Tek, 25 plus years.

Several years Civil service US Naval Oceanographic Office as International Hydrographic Surveyor. Working for International Survey Division and Naval Hydrographic Cooperative program. Duties installation calibration of systems, training to foreign Navies and collection of data.

Teledyne RESON Hydrographic Surveyor responsible for installation of Multibeam sonar systems and providing training to customers on Hydrographic Multibeam systems.

Customers were NOAA, USACE, US NAVY as well as foreign Navies, Hydrographic and Oceanographic survey organizations worldwide.

Triad Drones

Triad Drones is a fully integrated drone company that provides industrial-grade software and hardware solutions for unmanned inspections and data collection vehicles.

Higgs Hydrographic Tek

We build and sell Hydrographic Survey systems and Dredge Navigation systems as well as autonomous boats and drones and provide installation and training.

Drone U

Whether you just bought your first drone or have been flying for years, our carefully vetted Drone U Elite Pilots are waiting to help take your drone piloting & business skills to the next level with personalized drone training to fit your specific needs & wants.

Hydrographic Training Course

$2500 (Excluding Hotel Room)    |  October 17-23, 2019   |  3 Days Training
Safety Harbor Resort and Spa  |  +1 888-237-8772  |  More Details >

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to gain adequate insight into theoretical and practical aspects of hydrographic surveying while operating and autonomous survey vessel. Understanding of the difference between hardware systems and which systems are required to meet specific project survey specifications. (Seafloor identification, depth, accuracy, coverage, resolution)

Carry out various hydrographic surveying tasks using an autonomous boat such as pre mission planning, survey planning, autonomous mission plans and to follow through in order to collect precision hydrographic survey data.

The program hopes to also promote team work between students and encourages everyone to learn to ask question and prepare for hydrographic survey missions.

FOR WHOM This course is targeted new personal that have not done hydrographic surveying before that are new into hydrographic surveying as well as personnel working in hydrographic surveying who have not had the opportunity to use autonomous vessels.

Students are required to bring laptop computer with them. We also encourage students to bring any software that they are currently using for surveying and information on the hardware that they are currently using.

Day 1

  • Course Objectives and goals
  • Hydrographic Surveying General Overview
  • Hardware overview
  • Data collection techniques multibeam ,single beam, side scan , Laser
  • Survey Standards
  • Interconnection of equipment System Diagrams
  • Serial Ports / Network setting
  • Building Cables troubleshooting
  • Sound Velocity SV sensors SVP sensors importance to single beam and multibeam
  • Introduction to Side Scan sonar
  • Look at autonomous vessels and the future

Day 2

  • Autonomous boat setup
  • Hydrographic Software setup
  • Single Beam Sonar
  • Multibeam Sonar
  • Side Scan sonar
  • GPS Positioning
  • Tides
  • RTK Tides
  • RTK/ Base Rover / Heading GPS
  • IMU motion sensor

Day 3

  • Autonomous boat setup Mission Planning and Hydrographic Software setting
  • Offsets
  • Survey Practices
  • Field Surveying Data Collection
  • System calibration
  • RTK Vehicle Setup
  • Depth measurements
  • Sound Velocity measurements
  • Data Processing
  • Exporting data
  • Final Products Overview
  • Exam

Aircraft Training Course

$2500 (Excluding Hotel Room)    |  October 17-23, 2019   |  4 Days Training
Safety Harbor Resort and Spa  |  +1 888-237-8772  |  More Details >

Over this two-plus day course, we will be introducing and flying a variety of data acquisition types followed by discussion and instruction on how to process the acquired data in Pix4D. We’ll also discuss other processing software options and when each is most effective. The goal is to map and build models of this training’s location.

We’ll get started Friday afternoon with an introduction to the plan for the weekend and short lecture, and then a short roundtable designed to allow the instructors and participants to get to know each other. These classes are always more fun, and more beneficial, when we know a bit about one another and can learn from each other. The instructor(s) will be available to answer questions and ensure we are all properly set up and equipped for the weekend.

On Saturday we will spend the entire day in the field where we will map the property. The goal is to introduce a variety of data acquisition techniques and utilize the ones best suited for this property type. Throughout the day as we fly the instructor(s) will be working with students individually to help them refine and improve their acquisition techniques.

On Sunday we will spend the entire day in the classroom covering how to use Pix4D Mapper to produce our maps and models. We will be going into great detail about all of the various processing settings to help produce the best maps and models possible. Part of the second half of the day will be spent covering the various output files produced from Pix4D and how these files relate to a deliverable product for our clients. Time will also be spent on the business side as we will be discussing the pricing of our services and products and customer acquisition.

Day 1 – Part 107 Test Prep

  • FAA Part 107 Regulations
  • Aerodynamics
  • Sectional Charts
  • Airspace
  • Weather
  • Communications
  • Flight Operations

Day 2 – Vehicle Specifics

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Battery Charging
  • Pre-Mission Checks
  • Controller Operations
  • Mission Planning
  • Camera Options
  • Advanced Vehicle Options

Day 3 – Data Collection

  • Auto Mission Planning
  • Ground Control Placement
  • Data Collection Techniques

Day 4 – Data Processing

  • Image Processing and Setup
  • Importing Ground Control Points
  • Data Delivery and Storage Procedures
  • Exam

Price, Dates & Location

  • $2500 – 4 Day Aircraft Training
  • $2500 – 3 Day Hydrographic Training
  • $140 Per night Hotel Breakfast and Lunch provided (Call the hotel and mention the training course to get the right price for the room)

October 17-23, 2019

Safety Harbor Resort & Spa
105 North Bayshore Drive
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
+1 888-237-8772

No Need For Car: Hotel is on Tampa bay and all training will be done near the hotel.

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