TRIDAR® was designed as a cost-effective solution for extremely accurate remote sensing applications.

TRIDAR® was designed as a cost-effective solution for extremely accurate Remote Sensing applications.  TRIDAR® utilizes a high-performance Inertial Labs GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) with Novatel RTK/PPK single or dual antenna GNSS receiver, integrated with Linux-based processing platform.  The processing platform contains a WiFi interface, embedded cellular modem to support RTCM corrections, datalogging software and gigabit ethernet.  TRIDAR® can be used with commercially available LiDARs with Velodyne, Quanergy, Ouster, RIEGL, and LIVOX.  The device was built with the purpose of integrating LIDAR sensors with the same components already necessary for autonomous drone flight to achieve a total integrated solution reducing the complexities of hardware, software and drone training necessary to collect useful data.

SL20 Hydrographic Survey Vessel

TRIDAR® Observer Combined Features

  • Dual RTK GPS for heading
  • Optical Flow Position Hold Sensor
  • Secondary Downward Facing Lidar
  • 150mbps onboard RJ45 Network to GCS
  • 3G/4G onboard SIM Card
  • 3D Ground Control Point Travel Case 0.5m^3
  • “EGPS®” HC3 L1/L2 RTK Base Station BiPod/Rod Included

TRIDAR® is completely modular.  You can supply the GNSS receiver.  You can supply the LiDAR sensor head.  We provide everything for assembling, calibrating, and bore-sighting TRIDAR® This allows you to maintain existing relationships and meet local production requirements.  You have full control for customization.

SL20 Hydrographic Survey Vessel

TRIDAR® LiDAR Specifications

0.37kg (without LiDAR SENSOR HEAD)
Position Accuracy (GPS-Aided INS)
0.5cm (PPK estimated) / 1cm + 1ppm (RTK)
Attitude Accuracy (GPS-Aided INS)
<0.010 Pitch & Roll; <0.050 Heading
Power Consumption
12W (with VLP-16 LiDAR)
Precision (Point Cloud)
3-5cm (dependent on LiDAR, taken on the same target @ 50m AGL)
Scanner Field of View (FOV)
15-3600 (depends on LiDAR selection)
Scanner (LiDAR)
Inertial Navigation System
Inertial Labs INS-B_OEM; INS-D-OEM
Type of recorded data
GNSS data for PPK; GNSS time-stamped INS * IMU data; GNSS time-stamped LiDAR scans, GNSS timestamps for camera strobe pluses

TRIDAR® is ALSO a complete remote sensing solution – LiDAR, all required cables, mounting brackets, vibration isolator, LiDAR calibration, Bore-sighting, Post-Processing (PPK) and Point Cloud software.  Air, Land or Sea.  Remount the TRIDAR® sensor in any orientation, on any moving vehicle to collect date.  We will support and grow the product together to meet your requirements with a commitment to supplying the best price/performance solution to obtain the best solution for your goal.

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