Triad Drones

Triad Drones is a fully integrated drone company that provides industrial-grade software and hardware solutions for unmanned inspections and data collection vehicles.



Who We Are?

Triad Drones, a one-stop-shop for all your commercial UAV needs, provides a variety of Land, Air, and Sea solutions to fit your specific organizational needs. We pride ourselves in our practical experiences and our ability to collaborate with your organization to find the best/most effective custom solution.

What We Do!

Using our extensive experiences in custom Land, Air, and Sea unmanned aerial vehicles we devise a detailed plan that includes both hardware and software to create the best possible and cost-effective solution to achieve your goals. We execute the custom plan to meet both your unmanned aerial vehicle and data collection needs.

Our Services

Whether you need us to collect data for you on a daily, weekly, monthly or even just a one time basis, we are here to work with you to accomplish your data collection efforts.


Light Detection and Ranging.

Infrastructure Inspections

Crucial for Structure Usage and Safety.

Thermal Inspections

Detection of Minute Defects.

3D Modelling and Mapping

Add Dimension, Movement and Depth.

Hydrographic Surveying

Get Data to Update Nautical Charts.

Real Estate

Show Aerial Views of a Property.


Training on Setup and more.


Commercial Drone Consulting Services.

Our Products

We build Land, Sea, and Air vehicles custom tailored to your data collection purposes.


Land - Ground Rovers

Security and Radiation Monitoring

Air - Aircraft

Multipurpose Airborne Vehicles

Sea - Boats

Hydrographic Survey Vessels

Ready for Takeoff?

Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

Affiliates are our partners and we want them to make money too! We offer a handsome commission percentage to our affiliates.

Triad Drones Advantage

Triad Drones provides industrial-grade software and hardware solutions for unmanned inspections and data collection vehicles.

  • Software Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Training and Support

Client Testimonials

“You always provide timely, high quality work and we appreciate your attention to detail. It’s a pleasure working with you.”
“It is great working with Triad Drones. Their products and services are unmatched.”

“It was a great experience working with Walter and his company both in terms of hardware and customer service.”

"Triad Drones is clearly a great company to work with. We highly recommend them for all your commercial drone needs."

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